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Pool mining for Nexus (NXS)

Here i want to provide a mining tutorial for poolmining. Its not so difficult to setup the miner.

Needed Resources

First thing you need to know that the actualy miner can “only” provide 7 gpus at the same time. But this will be fixed in some days / weeks. For mining you do not need any account on the pool the only account you need you wallet Address.
You can reach the pool by this Address:
There is also the GPU miner for AMD and for Nvidia or you use these link from my workspace. Bothe miner are for Windows. If you need one for Linux or other you can compile it by your own.
AMD: wolf0miner64
Nvidia: SKMiner-Pool-V1.1

In the precompiled folder of the Nvida miner is a .bat

REM Server/IP Port NXS_Address Number_of_GPUs Timeout Intensity

skminer.exe 8333 NexusAddress 1 5 25
timeout 30
goto loop

skminer.exe = the windows binary for the miner = EU Poolserver the US one is
8333 = the Port for the miner to connect to the Pool
NexusAddress = Your Address from the Nexus Wallet
1 = amount of your gpu cards
5 = Timeout
25 = Intensity

Recommended settings:
Power Limit = 66%
Core Clock = +100
Memory Clock = -502

Which Intensity you should choose depends on your gpu. A GTX 1080ti need a intensity of 40 a GTX 1070 needs a intensity of 30 but this depends also on the model of the gpu. If you setup everything right and you start your .bat it should look like this. ->

And if you found a share from the Block it should look like this. ->

Nexus Slack:
Slack: @xded